In 2012 KBC started out as a small brewery on Thompson Road in Webster with to-go beer sales by the growler only. This small building allowed us to get to know our neighbors and patrons, but we soon outgrew the space. We moved our brewery to Webster center and reopened in October of 2014, adding a taproom where we now sell our beer by the glass, flight, and growler.


The Kretschmann name and moon man of our logo originated with our family name and crest. As the name means “innkeeper”, the moon man in the family crest would have indicated a place to safely spend the night long ago.

Our Kretschmann family came to the US in 1908 from the town of Meistersdorf, which was then part of Austria. Over time, the country boundaries have changed, placing Meistersdorf at times in Germany, Austria, and currently in the Czech Republic. Our great-grandfather, Emil Kretschmann was a glass painter and part of the glass industry for which Meistersdorf was known. He moved to New York for a job at a local glass mill and a year later he sent for his family. Eventually, Emil and his family (including our grandfather Alfred) settled in New England.

We dedicate our brewery to our family and serve to create the styles of beer that they enjoyed in Meistersdorf long ago. We also celebrate the courage and dedication of our great-grandfather by crafting unique recipes with local ingredients.

Emil and Alfred Kretschmann, 1908.